Cisco IOS show command

We’ve already mentioned a couple of show commands in the previous sections, so you should already we somewhat aware of this command. This command is used to display the device’s configuration, statistics, command history, interface status… The show command is invoked from the enable mode and can accept a lot of parameters:

Floor1#show ?
aaa Show AAA values
access-lists List access lists
arp Arp table
cdp CDP information
class-map Show QoS Class Map
clock Display the system clock
controllers Interface controllers status
crypto Encryption module
debugging State of each debugging option
dhcp Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol status
dot11 IEEE 802.11 show information
file Show filesystem information
flash: display information about flash: file system
terminal Display terminal configuration parameters
users Display information about terminal lines
version System hardware and software status
vlan-switch VTP VLAN status
vtp Configure VLAN database

Here is a brief description of the most popular show commands:

  • show running-config – displays the running (current) configuration of your device:
  • show startup-config – displays the startup configuration of your device:
  • show ip interface brief – provides information about the interfaces on a router, including the logical (IP) address and status:
  • show history – shows the command history:
  • show interface INTERFACE – displays the status of the specified interface:
  • show version – shows information about the device, such as the IOS version running on the device, number of interfaces, device model, time of the last reboot, amount of memory available on the device, etc.

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