Our Recommended CCNA Study Resources

Welcome to the CCNA Study Resources section. There’s no fluff here – just the essential training tools I personally used to pass my CCNA exam on the first attempt. These are hand picked, best of the best resources to get your CCNA. They’re laser focused on giving you exactly what you need to build expert level networking knowledge and ace the exam.

I’ve negotiated special discount pricing for you for each of the resources. Anything you buy here helps to support the website as I earn a small commission at no cost to you, and as a Study-CCNA student you get the lowest possible price.

Play Video about Cisco CCNA Gold Bootcamp course

Flackbox Cisco CCNA Gold Bootcamp

The highest rated CCNA course online. With a 4.8 star average from over 30,000 public reviews, it’s verified as the gold standard in CCNA training and is the only course I personally recommend.

It features 35 hours of HD video tutorials, 300 pages of configuration lab exercises, an additional 150 pages of bonus troubleshooting labs, and quizzes for every exam topic.

The 2 hour a day study plan will have you ready to pass the exam in 6 weeks or less.

AlphaPrep Free Trial

Practice tests give you the best chance of passing the exam on your first try. You can have all the knowledge but still fail if you’re not used to the type of questions you’ll get on the exam.

AlphaPrep are as the best set of practice exams for the CCNA. The questions exactly mimic the difficulty and style of the real exam, and include in-depth explanations for each answer. You’ll understand where you went right or wrong and know when you’re ready for the real exam. Use our link for a free trial:

Boson NetSim

Boson’s network simulator blows Packet Tracer out of the water. You can use it to quickly build your own lab topologies to check your understanding of any Cisco feature, but the real reason to get it is for the 100 guided lab exercises.

They build your hands on configuration and troubleshooting skills to an advanced level – you’ll be more than ready for a real world job interview as well as anything the exam can throw at you.

Study-CCNA Study Guide

Our very own Study Guide PDF contains 150 pages of CCNA Study Notes covering every topic on the exam. It’s a concise review which covers all the essential concepts, command syntax and configuration examples you need for the test.

Each technology section is designed to be a quick refresher to really solidify the key points of your training, and when you’re doing your final revision you can rip through the book in one sitting. This keeps all the core information top of mind so you can be confident for your exam.