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Complete free CCNA Study Guide PDF for the latest Cisco CCNA 200-301 exam.

This free PDF contains 150 pages of concise CCNA Study Notes covering every topic on the exam.

So you’ve got a great video course or book you’re using as your main CCNA study material, but how do you keep all that information in your head as the exam date is getting near? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a simple bite-sized review of the critical points to focus on for the test? That’s what this CCNA Study Guide is for.

It’s a concise review which covers all the essential concepts, command syntax and configuration examples you need to ace the test.

The guide lays out the exam topics in the same order as Wendell Odom’s OCG Official Cert Guide books from Cisco Press. It’s not required to own the OCG books to use these notes though, they’ll work fine with whatever study material you’re using.

Each technology section is designed to be a quick refresher to really solidify the key points of your training, and when you’re doing your final revision you can rip through the book in one sitting. This keeps all the core information top of mind so you can be confident for your exam.

The Study Notes are designed to help with your revision for the exam after your main study – we recommend that you use a comprehensive training course to gain a full understanding of the topics on the CCNA exam first, and then use these notes along with practice exams for your final preparation. That’s the proven method to pass the exam.

I hope the PDF helps you ace the CCNA exam – best of luck and let me know when you pass!

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