Setting up Telnet

To access a Cisco device using telnet, you first need to enable remote login. Cisco devices usually supports 16 concurrent virtual terminal sessions, so the first command usually looks like this:

HOSTNAME(config)line vty 0 15

To enable remote login, the login command is used from the virtual terminal session mode:


Next, you need to define a password. This is done using the password command from the virtual terminal session mode:

HOSTNAME(config-vty)password PASSWORD

Let’s try this on a real router. First, we will try to access the router without enabling telnet on a device:

Trying ...Open

[Connection to closed by foreign host]


As you can see above, we can not access a Cisco device using telnet before setting up the password. Let’s do that:

R1#(config)#line vty 0 15
R1#(config-line)#password cisco

Now, let’s try to access our device:

Trying ...Open

User Access Verification



This time, because telnet was configured on the device, we have successfully telnetted to the device.

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